leadership development

Leadership Coaching

Spring Coaching prepares board level leaders to act with wisdom and courage in service of the organisation. Our coaching is driven by the belief that true leaders combine the confidence to implement their vision with the passion to drive through change.

At the heart of our Leadership Development coaching lies self-awareness. Our experience teaches us that leaders who understand themselves are better placed to influence their colleagues, their workforce and the world outside their organisation, creating a positive culture that breeds success.

Leadership Development Workshops and Methodology

These workshops are aimed at the upper echelons of an organisation - those who lead or who are about to lead. They are designed for small senior teams and combine a robust self-discovery process with exercises and scenarios ranging from the highly analytical to the downright fun.

We collaborate closely with clients in advance of planning a programme, agreeing specific objectives and tailoring coaching sessions to their particular business.

Assessment tools such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Hogan Lead and 360 Degree Interviews and Feedback provide participants with greater self-awareness and also an understanding of how they are perceived by peers and other colleagues.

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