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Team Coaching

At Spring Coaching, team building means understanding that the team is one integrated system. We hold up a mirror, allowing course participants to know themselves and to understand how their relationships and interactivity are critical to the group.

Our coaching is pragmatic and problem-solving. We seek to understand the dynamics of a particular group and tackle difficult subjects such as confrontation, communications and triangulation.

All our sessions are customised to the client’s needs. We gather research in advance and ensure that content is relevant to the participants and their industry. But we remain flexible during coaching and respond to the needs of the group as they emerge.

To embed change we encourage participants to adopt a Team Charter governing behaviour, communication and better ways of working together in the future.

ORSC Coaching for Teams

As certified Organisational, Relationship and Systems Coaches we use an internationally-recognised methodology to understand team dynamics.

ORSC requires that teams see themselves as an organic system rather than as parts of a machine, the more traditional view. Understanding that their system constantly needs attention and nourishment can dramatically improve a team’s relationships, performance and productivity.

This is team building at its most transformational.

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