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Coaching Qualifications
Spring Coaching is unique in that its co-founders and Directors are both ICF qualified coaches to PCC level, showing Polly and Tom’s commitment to excellence in the coaching field. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) sets and regulates standards for coaching worldwide and provides professional certification. 
Polly is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the professional association for Human Resources directors and managers. The Institute sets regulatory standards for 135,000 personnel professionals across the world.
Tom and Polly’s coaching qualifications also include ORSC certification. Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching is an internationally-recognised coaching methodology particularly relevant to Team Coaching. 
Coaching Tools
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Provides detailed personality type profiles for individuals and teams. MBTI gives greater self-awareness to participants, allows greater understanding of the value of diversity and individual strengths and can also identify blindspots in a team’s make-up.
Hogan Lead
A psychometric testing programme designed to identify successful leaders, Hogan Lead allows assessment of current leaders and also effective succession planning. It is a valuable resource in Spring Coaching’s Leadership Development programme.
360 Degree Interviews and Feedback
Often useful in Leadership Development, we interview a mix of line managers, peers, direct reports and clients. The feedback we receive is delivered objectively to participants and identifies management strengths as well as areas for development.
Team Diagnostic Tool ™
A confidential survey designed to illustrate the gap between current and potential team performance. Participants’ replies often allow us to move towards better leadership engagement, greater commitment to the team and more transparent relationships.
Grove Consult
These highly visual tools are particularly useful for getting a team to understand, engage and then move forward on a strategic vision. The images help the team “see” their targets, through a series of exercises and scenarios.

The FIRO-B Personality Instrument
Is a powerful psychological tool developed to explain how our personal needs affect our interpersonal relationships. The tool measures how we typically behave with other people and how others are likely to view us. This then provides an opportunity to explore ways to maximise the impact of our actions and to enhance our relationships.


MBTI-HOGAN-MTA Team Diagnostic-Team Grove-Firob
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