"The deep understanding of different development stages for different teams as well as ability to connect and simplify the key messages are the key towering strengths that enabled Spring Coaching to have a clear success in transforming both our young regional business teams as well as the more senior leadership teams, putting them on the road of high performing teams!"

Ihab Haggag, General Manager
Reckitt Benckiser, Saudi Arabia

"I am confident we are going to have a compelling and solid strategy going forward."

Mohamed Safieddine, GM, APT Mars

"We have seen a more effective leadership behaviour for all individual team members and have experienced a higher degree of genuine teamwork in the last five months."

Walter Moone, GM Vopak Horizon Fujairah Ltd

"Your series of team workshops and engaging methodology has encouraged this leadership team to pave the way forward."

Surya Subramanian, CFO, Emirates NBD

"I felt you encouraged issues to be surfaced and supported us well toward achieving the outcome we required. Congratulations!"

Learning & Development Director
International hotel group, Dubai

"Spring began coaching the senior management team of this startup company two years ago in 2015 and we have experienced great improvements particularly in financial performance - CAGR 80% increase and the company has started to record monthly profits for the first time. The key competencies of Spring are their great efforts to diagnose the situation of the company and team and then design workshops to really fit and match the requirement . Spring has been an invaluable partner for ATMC and we are very happy with their continued guidance and coaching."

CEO, Alinma Tokio
Marine Company (ATMC), KSA

“I had the privilege of having Polly as my coach at a fairly significant stage of my career. She held my hand to the flame of my own commitments to change my paradigms, let go of my own strongholds and free myself of stranglehold assumptions. Being a coachee to her was a unique experience that took me into an exploration journey of self and clean the cobwebs of atavistic times. I feel renewed.”

ShahNawaz Khan, VP HR, Al Tayer

"I recently was asked in a workshop which 3 people had made the most positive impact in my professional life; Tom Young was on that list."

Finance manager, FMCG

"Polly’s creativity, resourcefulness and advocacy on my behalf has been a tremendous boost to my work practice."

Nadine Yetisener, Hotel Manager
Al Qasr & Dar Al Masyaf

"What fun. Pure joy. Totally holistic. Tom, you are God-sent."

Joel Furtado, Administration Manager
Chaloub Group

"Tom supported my quest for the key changes needed to reach the next level. Impactful coaching, great coach. Thanks to you, Tom."

Radoine Nachdi, Division Manager
Real Emirates LLC

"Polly, thanks once again for the valuable coaching journey over the last 2 years."

Christiaan van Nielen, Terminal Manager

"Polly, you helped me to truly understand and improve on my shortcomings as a leader and it has led to exciting advances in my career. Thank you very much!"

National Operations Manager
Oil & Gas Services

"Tom, my CEO commented on huge changes in my behaviour, demeanour and attitude. He suggested it was due to my MBA course, but the main reason was your coaching. You’re a great coach!"

Senior consultant, IT

"For me and the team, the day and half session was invaluable and your facilitation approach was delightful."

Lekan Asuni, MD (Pharma), GSK Nigeria

"Polly working with you was a pure joy. Thank you for your time and patience, the results have been quick and amazing.

You truly are a great coach.

Dany Naaman, Managing Director
Havas Media

"I was surprised with the amazing results we had from this meeting."

Reema Shtayyeh, Marketing Director
MENA, Johnson & Johnson
"My time spent with Polly Archer in my executive coaching sessions was one of the best investments of my career. I had recently been promoted to a job 3 times the scope/responsibility of my previous role. Polly gave me the tools, insight and confidence in myself to make the step change required. The changes that I witnessed in myself were dramatic. I am now a more compassionate leader, and have changed my communication style for the better. I am much more settled and focused in my new role, and the results are starting to show. I received a great compliment from 2 colleagues today on how I acted with calm confidence under great pressure! Thanks Polly!"

VP Hilton Hotels

"Tom has added real value during our coaching journey - he created an environment that allows telling insights to be generated from within me and helped me distil these down to practical steps and techniques that I've used each day to become a more effective business leader."

CFO-Europe, IHG

"Tom’s coaching helped me think more systematically about leadership and how to make changes and critical adjustments. This has been empowering for me—and my direct reports. His critical judgment and insights have led me towards better and more effective delegation, attention to the perceptions of others and the importance of thoughtful, sensitive communication. I have several decades of experience and yet Tom helped me believe that continuing to improve myself as a leader is not only possible but desirable and produces results almost immediately."

--University Dean & CEO, Qatar

“Polly’s extensive experience and insight into leadership and organisations paired with a pleasant personality and well-structured approach made her an excellent coach for me. Polly has been instrumental in unlocking concrete leadership challenges and has contributed to me achieving greater clarity of purpose in my career.”

Project Manager, Novo Nordisk

"The coaching journey was really exciting. Polly was able to support me in making some major changes in my behavior that have enhanced my managerial skills and leadership style. I highly recommend this approach to leaders who wish to truly maximise their capabilities."

General Manager Chalhoub

"My coaching engagement with Polly had a real, obvious impact on my leadership style and my approach to my colleagues and employees. Polly helped me balance my results-driven style with a new compassionate side that has completely changed my outlook and approach. I can surely say that I am a better leader due to Polly’s involvement in my development. I highly recommend her."

Business Unit Director